Republican intimidating voters

Since August, Trump has urged his supporters to monitor polling locations on Election Day for signs of possible voting fraud, often urging them to keep a close eye on cities like Philadelphia and St. Campaigning in Ohio, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said Trump was hoping to discourage people from participating in the election. "That is evidence of politics, not wrongdoing," the RNC said.

Many states allow campaigns and political parties to monitor balloting, although they often face restrictions.

Does it imply that nonvoting Republicans, or those who cast ballots for Democrats, will be targeted for retaliation?

The mailer comes amid a division among New Mexico Republicans about whether to back presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The Daily Beast story compared the New Mexico mailer to a piece of get-out-the-vote mail that former GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz’s campaign sent to Republicans in Iowa earlier this year.

On the back of the mailer is an aerial photo of houses — or possibly models of houses — some of which have check marks above them. “After all, voting is a matter of public record.”It’s not clear what the GOP flier’s real message is — beyond trying to shame lukewarm Republicans into casting ballots.

Is it also implying that others will be able to determine which candidates received your votes?

" The Ohio Democratic Party says such statements, as well as other actions, are tantamount to intimidation.

The party says the defendants are violating the Ku Klux Klan and Voting Rights acts.

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