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The key fingerprint is: d:8e:d7:f1:bb:9b:::da:9b:e3 [email protected] Now, each user that does this has to send their public key to you or whoever is administrating the Git server (assuming you’re using an SSH server setup that requires public keys).

The Access Server contains an extensive set of command line tools for managing every aspect of the VPN server operation.

Duplicate Service Principal Names (SPN) commonly occur and result in authentication failures and may lead to excessive LSASS CPU utilization.

There is no in-box method to block the addition of a duplicate SPN or UPN.

The lab had many different computers, including one running GECOS.

Domain Controllers running Windows Server 2012 R2 block the creation of duplicate service principal names (SPN) and user principal names (UPN).

This includes if the restoration or reanimation of a deleted object or the renaming of an object would result in a duplicate.

This command will return the number of clients that were disconnected: Kick VPN client to do an unattended reconnect.

The --restart flag tells the client to restart rather than halt, and the --psid flag tells the server to preserve the client's current session ID, so that it will be able to reconnect without asking the user for credentials: Autologin profiles allow connections to the VPN server without credential entry.

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