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Along with the digital weight system and device-charging capabilities we've come to expect from next-generation suitcases, Travelmate cases also lock and unlock using a fingerprint in addition to a conventional, TSA-compliant locking mechanism.The suitcases have a battery life of 4 hours in fully autonomous mode, and when it's dead you'll just have to carry it temporarily like a normal suitcase. You can name it whatever you like and it will respond to commands—like if you're a nerd, "BB-8" can do your bidding; ultra-sensitive "omni" wheels mean it can navigate tight turns to avoid kneecapping stranger; the inclusion of a camera mount close to the handle means a Go-Pro or 360 camera doubles the case as your personal camera operator; and LED lights not only serve as a battery life display, but also make you look like you're from the If you're concerned about theft, the Travelmate suitcase comes with an embedded GPS chip that'll let you track it on the corresponding smartphone app, and users can select a function that'll lock its wheels when it senses it's stopped following you.No hassle of waiting for the courier and arguing with the distant store later should it turn out to be scratched, used, or worse damaged.Look, Design and Pictures At first sight the Acer Travel Mate 4000LCi comes across as sleek and slim with a pleasing matt metallic silver greenish hue cover.As they say, the taste of the pie is in the eating!On to the review, and let’s first look at the specifications.It plugs in to its slot, and you plug the phone line in to it.Unlike a desktop modem, there is no pass-through for connecting a phone.

We recently featured a post about how more than half of Americans skip out of their vacation days. Possibly because they are behind on saving for retirement, and figure that the wise thing to do is to earn as much, and save as much as possible.

However, due to budget constraints the ‘ideal’ notebook fell beyond my limited means.

After much research among these brands and comparing of specifications and prices I settled for the Acer 4000LCi as it seemed to offer the best money for value. Did I make the right decision and was it really value for my money?

I was recently shopping for a notebook to replace my existing Dell laptop and finally decided on the Acer Travel Mate 4000LCi.

Having previously used Acer, Compaq, Toshiba, & Dell during the last 5-years I knew I wanted to avoid certain pitfalls of my previous notebooks.

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