Gridview rowupdating event firing twice

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I have a Grid View and its Data Source is datatable. I can't seem to delete that row when I click the 'delete' button that invokes the event to remove the row.[code]...

I have two Images, one of a button in the "Up" position, and another of the same button in the "Down" position. Then, when the user clicks the "Submit" button, I need to know which to get add a product to a cart from a gridview control when a button in the gridview is clicked. I enabled the Selection function from the Grid View, which works as expected.

I have a book on how to do this in 2.0 but it is done by specifying the "Data Text Field" as the product ID of the product that I want to add. So I end up with a table made of 6 rows and 4 columns.

On postback the onservervalidate event fires twice EVERY TIME!

I have duplicated this problem on multiple computers and it can be easly duplicated by placing a custom validator into a simple gridview.

hi can anyone tell me how to findcontrol in rowupdating event of gridview?

Find Control("ddl1"); Drop Down List ddl2= (Drop Down List)grd Validations.

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For this sample to work, you must install the Sql Server 2008 R2 Express.

I can perform the same filtering on the gridview with view state disabled over and over again and I get the same row count each time.

However, I have to perform the same filtering twice on the one with view state enabled to get the correct row count (only the 2nd time) How can I make the one with view state enabled report the correct row count each time? Based on my understanding so far, such issue is probably caused by when do you change the row filter and when do you read the row count.

The gridview is bound to an Object Data Source using the Data Source ID property.

I am not doing anything special in the databinding event and the templates use basic framework controls with either in the Edit Item Template.

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