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OAKWOCO COLLEGE ARCHIVES loaned By •Donated Wfjb AO.* Qc U Received L£j^JT-~ &&_ Ijetfirn To teor ■*■ 1 8*B a E If s all about You!

The baton has been carried through decades and is currently being ushered into the twenty-first century.

The Oakwood vision has spread throughout the world into every field embracing the development of each and every one of our God- given faculties.

This everlasting song of education has been wonderfully orchestrated by our great and almighty God.

God was thinking about you when He blessed this yearbook staff with means and resources.That was no doubt the point of the sunny opening montage of this week's installment, "Not Tomorrow Yet," which featured a glimpse into Carol's daily life in Alexandria, soundtracked by a jaunty folk tune (another cleverly-employed musical moment in a season swimming with them).Followed by banjos and xylophones, Carol scours the pantry for cookie supplies (and those trusty water chestnuts), hunts for acorns in the woods, kills a walker, washes the blood off in the shower, raids her closet full of sensible floral button-downs and pastel cardigans, and crafts the best cookies she can, which she cheerfully passes out to the townsfolk.Our God has mercifully used people like you and me as instruments.He was thinking about you and your future when He divinely touched this land.

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