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Thank YOU Kelly and Jasmin for this and Thank God for Charity Folks. We were able to speak to them for a few minutes and they were extremely friendly and welcoming.

Your company does so much good in this world and we need that. Please share our thanks with the Up on Night folks and with Maya in particular for allowing us to invade their work space.

It was a great experience and everyone was very friendly and accommodating. Thanks so much for the incredible seats you arranged for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Everyone from the Arrested Development team was incredible. Last night we attended Justin Bieber’s concert, thanks to Charity Folks, and it was an amazing night! The crew was great and looked out for us from the moment we arrived.

In last week's episode we saw The Liars finally realize a truth we've known since last season — Ali (Sascha Pieterse) is not safe locked up at the sanitarium, and none of The Liars have escaped the nightmares of their past.

It's not just the mysteries of their past that are back. Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) said it best tonight: "It's like a time warp back to high school." Yes, indeed for better or worse, tonight's episode felt straight out of season one — complete with Hanna (Ashley Benson) and Caleb denying their feelings about each other, and plot lines that make us excited for next week's episode.3.

Families from different regions – and even different countries – are living and working together peacefully in Rome.

It sounds like social nirvana as criminal clans from Italy’s most notorious mafia families dispense with turf wars and amicably carve up sections of Italy’s money-laundering capital.

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